A PSA From Another Friendly Ginger

Last night as I was doing my routine browse of the internet I stumbled upon the writings of a fellow ginger, Kelly Williams Brown. Actually I was starting to compile my birthday/Christmas list to give to the fam (since my birthday is a little over a month before Christmas I figure this is more efficient). Kelly is known for her book¬†Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps;¬†and as any sophisticated young writer should, she also has a Tumblr to inform the world on her daily thoughts of “adulting.” Here Kelly has compiled a great list that every writer needs to read before they publish generalizations about the Millennial/Gen Y/Twentysomething generation – A very gentle PSA to anyone who may be writing a trend piece about millennials.

Thank you Kelly. Now if only people would heed your advice.

PS – If you want to better understand the meaning of “Adulting,” check out Kelly’s book (hint: the explanation is on page 3).