“You say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world” – Revolution by The Beatles

I’m gonna listen to the Beatles and start a revolution. A ginger revolution. With hashtags.

This originated while Skyping with my roommate, and I signed-off with #gingerout. Since then I’ve realized that with social media I have an opportunity to start a revolution. I am working to compile all the ginger hashtags. And this is just the beginning of the ginger revolution:

  • #gingernation
  • #gingerlove
  • #gingerproblems
  • #gingerout
  • #gingerfail
  • #gingerwin
  • #gingerftw
  • #gingerrevolution
  • #classicginger
  • #evilginger
  • #sassyginger

Use these hashtags and continue the ginger revolution.


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