The Single Life

dateless ecard

A friend posted this on Facebook, and the general consensus was March didn’t work. So I decided to rename March and finish off the list for the rest of the year.

Man-less March
Ain’t No Need for a Man April
Man-free May (or Masturbation May, whichever you prefer)
Jaded Cat Lady June
Joining OK-Cupid July
Another Lonely August
Still Single September
Over Finding a Man October


It’s a Nerd Life for Me

Looking at my Pinterest boards I’ve realized that I will likely live in a nerdy house with nerdy little children, and a nerdy husband when I get old.  Well… nerdy with a dash of disney for good measure (on any or all 3 accounts).

That’s ok, I think it could be worse…


Don’t lie, you’d step into your toilet too if this showed up on the back.

A PSA From Another Friendly Ginger

Last night as I was doing my routine browse of the internet I stumbled upon the writings of a fellow ginger, Kelly Williams Brown. Actually I was starting to compile my birthday/Christmas list to give to the fam (since my birthday is a little over a month before Christmas I figure this is more efficient). Kelly is known for her book Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Stepsand as any sophisticated young writer should, she also has a Tumblr to inform the world on her daily thoughts of “adulting.” Here Kelly has compiled a great list that every writer needs to read before they publish generalizations about the Millennial/Gen Y/Twentysomething generation – A very gentle PSA to anyone who may be writing a trend piece about millennials.

Thank you Kelly. Now if only people would heed your advice.

PS – If you want to better understand the meaning of “Adulting,” check out Kelly’s book (hint: the explanation is on page 3).

Age is Just a Number Baby

Last week I thought about deactivating my Facebook – I spent roughly half of my work day contemplating this after reading a critical, yet realistic article about Twentysomethings and their dependence on social media. However, this turned out to be a fleeting moment because I realized that among all the rubbish that is posted on Facebook, I have actually found a few nuggets of inspiration on my newsfeed. And that alone was enough for me to postpone my social deactivation.

I’m clearly the target audience for many of the recent articles and lists written about being Twentysomething – I’m a month away from turning 25 and I admit that I’m going through a quarter-life crisis. While these articles are directed at people like me, I honestly believe that these articles contain fitting advice for people of all ages – it’s merely how it applies to your personal life. Because in the end, age is just a number, and we could all use a little reminder of what life’s truly about.

Here’s the inspiration that I’ve stumbled upon in the past week via Facebook:

It’s not just about how you live your 20s, it’s about how you life your life.

The Sundrop Girl

The Sundrop Girl

“Drop it like it’s hot, drop it like it’s hot…”

It’s time to break out the skeletons and spiderwebs, purchase ridiculously large bags of candy, and seize the opportunity to play dress up again. Last year I won the office halloween contest as the Sundrop Girl… my awesome dance moves definitely helped seal the deal.

Now what to do for 2013? I’m thinking something with a tutu…


Finding Inspiration During a Quarter-Life Crisis

Recently I’ve seen a myriad of articles, Buzzfeed lists, and blog posts with tid-bits on how to survive a quarter-life crisis. I’m not sure if I’ve seen this spike in articles because quarter-life crises are becoming an epidemic, or if I’m acutely aware that I’m currently going through one myself.

There are a lot of helpful tips out there for me and my fellow quarter-life crisis comrades. And I’ve recently recognized that I have an unhealthy obsession of browsing the internet looking for this type inspirational shit. Recently, an article stumbled across my Facebook newsfeed, 5 Lies Every Twentysomething Needs to Stop Believing that was originally published in Relevant Magazine. This article struck a chord with me, and I realized that it’s time to take my excessive browsing (and pinning) beyond Pinterest, and be more constructive – it’s time to start sharing with the world.